So, your party has two vegetarians, two kids, and two pure carnivores on it. Where to go? With a little disposable cash, you could do much, much worse than Braza Lena.

For those of you who have had a churrascaria experience before there won't be any surprises here--just a classic Brazilian steakhouse, excellently done.

For those of you who haven't... you just wait. The first course is an all-you-can-eat... I hesitate to call it a salad bar, because it's much much more, with imported cheese and cured meats, Brazilian rice and beans, any number of excellent already-made sausage, the best chimichurri sauce I've ever had... it's enough for a meal by itself, and many people (i.e. vegetarians) do. But if you like your meat, the second course begins--gauchos with meat on skewers swooping by to carve for you cuts of delectably cooked beef, pork, lamb, chicken or shrimp. All you can eat. It's... simply delightful.

For drinks, I had a caipirinha, of which I'm a fan: lime juice, cachaca, sugar and ice. And then I had a second, because it was one of the tastiest I've had. The service was perfect, present without being overwhelming. All in all, I'd definitely, definitely recommend it.

Cons: 1) It ain't cheap. Special occasion prices for special occasion food. But it's definitely worth it.
2) As one of the people with me said, it's kind of the anti-Key West. Quiet instead of hectic, beef instead of fish (though you can order a la carte, or so I hear), and sort of insulated from the main hubbub, on a quiet street and set back in the building so you can't see well the outside. If you only have one day in Key West, you might not look here for the true KW experience. Or, after your third helping of perfectly medium-rare marinated tenderloin of beef, you might not care so much.